March 23, 2017

Stroke Science Professionals in Hawai`i This Week

international stroke conference

Hawaii Convention Center’s lobby during the International Stroke Conference this week.

The Hawai`i Convention Center would like to welcome the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association – International Stroke Conference (ISC), here from February 6-8!

Stroke science has made great strides over the years due to these world renowned doctors, researchers, scientists, nurses, and other medical professionals.  Delegates from around the world are gathering here to discuss advances in such topics as stroke prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.

An important and easy to remember acronym to help spot a stroke is “FAST”:

F = Face.  Look for facial drooping or numbness.  Can the person smile?

A = Arm.  Look for arm weakness or numbness.

S = Speech.  Is speech slurred?  Can the person speak or are they difficult to understand?

T = Time.  As in, time to call 911 if any of these symptoms are present.

international stroke conference posters

The Exhibit Hall is packed with Poster Presentations.

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