April 30, 2017

International Waikiki Hula Conference Returns to the Hawai`i Convention Center


The International Waikiki Hula Conference kicks off today at the Hawai`i Convention Center.  From … [Read more...]

The Honolulu Festival Begins Today

A display of unique and intricate origami in the exhibit hall of the Hawai`i Convention Center.

Hawai`i's annual cultural extravaganza, The Honolulu Festival, begins today!  This much anticipated … [Read more...]

Join Us for the Sights and Sounds of “Mele Mei”

Eager students participate in one of many hula workshops during the International Waikiki Hula Conference. Photo courtesy of International Waikiki Hula Conference.

Springtime is here, and it's bringing music to our ears. This May, we're participating in the … [Read more...]

Hawaiʻi Convention Center Unveils First Permanent Native Hawaiian Mural


Kumu (teachers) and Haumana (students) gather to celebrate the completion of the Hawai`i Kakou … [Read more...]

Cultural Training Program

As the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2011 Leaders' Meeting approaches, nearly 100 Hawai`i … [Read more...]

New Art Exhibit Unveiled at the Hawai`i Convention Center


The Hawai`i Convention Center has a new art exhibit in the museum cases on the third floor.  Titled … [Read more...]

Waikiki Hula Conference November 19-21, 2010


~ Hula in the Land of its Birth ~ Can you hear the mele (music and singing) yet? This event will … [Read more...]