Mahalo Bob Hobart

Bob Hobart (center), pictured with the Hawai`i Convention Center team.

The Hawai`i Convention Center bids a warm aloha to Bob Hobart, who is retiring as vice president of corporate services with the American Medical Association (AMA).

He was presented with a commemorative surfboard from the Hawai`i Convention Center team on Nov. 14, 2012, while in Honolulu for the AMA Interim Meeting, held Nov. 8-10, 2012, at the Center.

Hawai`i Convention Center Celebrates “American Medical Association Week”

Celebrating “American Medical Association Week” are (left to right): AMA president Jeremy Lazarus, M.D., Gov. Neil Abercrombie, and Jeffrey Akaka, M.D. Photo credit: Kathleen Connelly and Psychiatric News.

American Medical Association (AMA) delegates gathered in Hawai`i last week for the AMA Interim Meeting from Nov. 8-10, 2012, at the Hawai`i Convention Center.  In honor of the meeting, Hawai`i Gov. Neil Abercrombie (center) presented a proclamation on Nov. 9, 2012, declaring “American Medical Association Week.”  AMA leadership, including Jeremy Lazarus, M.D., AMA president (left), and Jeffrey Akaka, M.D., part of the psychiatric delegation to the AMA (right), attended to accept the recognition.

The meeting is part of a strong year-end lineup of medical and scientific gatherings at the Hawai`i Convention Center.  From Oct. 7-12, 2012, the Pacific Rim Meeting on Electrochemical and Solid-State Science drew a record 4,000 attendees.  In August, the Center hosted the Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit and Expo; in May more than 14,500 attendees gathered for the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) 112th Annual Session, and more than 1,000 attendees participated in the 31st Annual American Pain Society scientific meeting.  That follows on the heels of five major medical and scientific meetings at the Center in 2011 that attracted a combined 30,000 participants.  The Center will host the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association International Stroke Conference from Feb. 6-8, 2013.

Hawai`i Convention Center Wins Premier Traveler Magazine’s ‘Best Convention Host’ Award

photo of Randy Tanaka, Chad Michael Murray, Linda Vaughan

Accepting the award for the Hawai`i Convention Center was Randy Tanaka, Assistant General Manager, pictured here with actor/director/singer Chad Michael Murray and publisher Linda Vaughan.

We are thrilled to have been selected as the “2012 Best Convention Host” by the readers of Premier Traveler magazine.

This prestigious distinction recognizes Hawai`i and the Center as an ideal gathering place for business, political and cultural meetings, as decided by the more than 11,000 readers who participated in an open-ended survey with no suggested choices.  The Center is the only Hawai`i facility to win an award, and the only convention facility in the country to be honored.

“Few meeting destinations evoke the kind of excitement generated by Hawai`i, which is no doubt why our readers named it the Best Convention Host of 2012,” said Adam Rodriguez, executive director of Premier Traveler magazine.  “They are seasoned and demanding travelers, who know what they want after traveling the world for both business and leisure, so their choice is clearly among the most informed there is.”

premier traveler logo“The enhanced productivity, top-notch facilities, incredible service and global opportunities offered by meeting in Hawai`i are what allows us to continue to be a leader for meetings of international importance,” said Joe Davis, SMG general manager of the Hawai`i Convention Center.  “This recognition from such a seasoned group of travelers honors the hard work of our staff and partners in providing an exceptional meetings and travel experience that stands up to the highest standards of every guest.”

The Best of 2012 winners are featured in the November/December issue of Premier Traveler magazine, and were honored at an awards gala November 8 in Los Angeles.  With 104,000 subscribers, Premier Traveler is the world’s leading publication geared toward frequent international travelers.

Ho`okipa: The Hospitality of Complete Giving

Ho`okipa is the hospitality of complete giving, unselfishly extending to others the best that we have to give; to welcome guests, customers, and even strangers with the spirit of Aloha.

When we serve others unselfishly, genuinely, in a way that is gracious and satisfying, not only to the malihini (newcomer or visitor) but to every one of our guests, not expecting anything in return, they will want to return for that experience filled with Aloha, that we here at the Hawai`i Convention Center are known for.

HCC staff helping to decorate the hallways.

HCC staff clean and prepare the display cases for a brand new art installation.

Starting from the very first point of contact with sales, to the very last piece of trash that housekeeping picks up, to everyone in between and behind the scenes, we all have very important impressionable roles that can make our guests want to return or not.

Although this unique spirit of Ho`okipa can be more easily explained, translated, and taught than actually expressed, if we see and act with empathy and compassion we’ve already expressed Ho`okipa.

This spirit also transcends into our personal lives as well, whatever the circumstance or situation, without even thinking about it, we give our families and loved ones our all.

With the numerous repeat awards and client compliments that the convention center receives, I’m sure that everyone that works here has the true spirit of Ho`okipa.