About Aaron Ichiki

Aaron Ichiki works for the Hawaii Convention Center as Client Services Manager. He enjoys spending his free time with his family and friends.

Kela: To Be Committed To Excellence

HCC Staff setting up another memorable event on the Rooftop.

Our HCC Hawaiian Value of the Month is Kela.

Kela by definition is to be committed to excellence and to uphold the highest standards in carrying out your responsibilities.

Each team member that works at the Hawai`i Convention Center embodies and embraces Kela in their tasks each and every day.

Our dedicated staff takes Kela to heart and consistently puts forth their best by delivering attendees exceptional service and world class food and beverage.  Our efforts have been recognized by distinguished attendees and meeting planners that have voted the Center to 14 consecutive Prime Site Awards.

Kela allows each of our team members to be proud of what they do on a daily basis, leaving an impression on our guests from around the world to return and experience our hospitality once again.

HCC Staff put the final touches on another exciting reception dinner.