About Neal Chang

Neal Chang has worked for the Hawai`i Convention Center for over 14 years in the receiving department. In his spare time he enjoys surfing, standup paddle boarding, and pretty much any sport that involves a board. He also enjoys the highs and lows of trying to get a little white ball into a little white cup.

Ho`okipa: The Hospitality of Complete Giving

Ho`okipa is the hospitality of complete giving, unselfishly extending to others the best that we have to give; to welcome guests, customers, and even strangers with the spirit of Aloha.

When we serve others unselfishly, genuinely, in a way that is gracious and satisfying, not only to the malihini (newcomer or visitor) but to every one of our guests, not expecting anything in return, they will want to return for that experience filled with Aloha, that we here at the Hawai`i Convention Center are known for.

HCC staff helping to decorate the hallways.

HCC staff clean and prepare the display cases for a brand new art installation.

Starting from the very first point of contact with sales, to the very last piece of trash that housekeeping picks up, to everyone in between and behind the scenes, we all have very important impressionable roles that can make our guests want to return or not.

Although this unique spirit of Ho`okipa can be more easily explained, translated, and taught than actually expressed, if we see and act with empathy and compassion we’ve already expressed Ho`okipa.

This spirit also transcends into our personal lives as well, whatever the circumstance or situation, without even thinking about it, we give our families and loved ones our all.

With the numerous repeat awards and client compliments that the convention center receives, I’m sure that everyone that works here has the true spirit of Ho`okipa.