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green-icon-200x250The Hawai`i Green Advantage

An important issue highlighted by Hawai‘i’s location is sustainability. In an island environment, it is imperative for businesses to be “green”, a position that the Hawai‘i Convention Center, located in the capitol city of Honolulu, addressed from its inception and the islands embrace. You’ll see we have been green and clean for well over 10 years! We also have several Green Resources available here on our blog, plus articles in the Green and Clean Category.

The design of the Hawai‘i Convention Center is a study in environmental accountability, energy-saving aptitude, and architectural splendor, which undeniably embodies Hawai‘i’s culture and environment. If being green is important to you and your delegates, we believe you will not find a more suitable location for your meetings and events.

  • The foyer is crowned with canvas canopies, reminiscent of ocean white caps and the sails of voyaging canoes.
  • It’s airy, glass-walled lobby is welcoming;
  • This design allows for the Hawaiian trade winds to circulate throughout while venting off heat.

The Hawai`i Convention Center operates using sustainable practices relating to energy and water efficiency, indoor air quality, recycling and waste diversion, and responsible purchasing.  Energy-saving systems integrated throughout the Center include:

  • A ventilating and air-conditioning system that was specifically designed for Hawai‘i’s tropical climate
  • Heat exchangers that transmit waste heat from the chiller condenser for humidity control
  • Fluorescent lamps and ballasts that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Kitchen water system that prevents the waste of hundreds of gallons of water
  • Glass, plastic, aluminum, cardboard and paper from all events and administration areas are also recycled
  • All chemicals purchased by the housekeeping, landscaping, and engineering departments must be ecologically friendly
  • Automatic dispensers for hand sinks, urinals, paper towels, hand soap, and hand sanitizing in all restrooms save on dispensed water and product.

Our clients participate, too.

Conserve Energy signs are posted in front of our meeting rooms

“Conserve Energy” messages appear throughout the building to remind conventioneers that keeping meeting room doors closed maintains optimal room temperature and comfort for their attendees, and turning off lights when not in use saves energy. These reminders mirror typical actions taken at home and have been well-received by the Center’s guests.








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