Ho`ohanohano With Life Changes

joeA single year can bring many things… a house is bought or sold; a family grows by the birth of a new little one, or sadly there is a loss of a loved one; a new job emerges or you change your career.  Things change in life… that is inevitable.  But how we handle that change and adapt for what the future brings shows ho`ohanohano as the important Hawaiian value.

The Hawai`i Convention Center recently saw its General Manager of over 12 years, Joe Davis, depart for the golden sunset of retirement in January.  Much aloha was expressed to Mr. Davis by the hospitality industry that he has been passionate about for so many years.  Likewise, the convention center `ohana was filled with mixed emotions in his departure, but like so many other displays of leadership Mr. Davis had shown over the years, his ho`ohanohano in dealing with this change to our convention center came through.  Instead of shying away from the limelight, Mr. Davis continued to run the convention center with the distinction it has come to admire from so many national and international clients.  He also made sure to pass along the importance of integrity in all that we do, both at the convention center to our guests, and also to our fellow co-workers, family, and friends in our everyday lives.

To Mr. Davis, we wish you much aloha in retirement.  Mahalo and thank you sincerely for all that you have given to the Hawai`i Convention  Center, tourism in the State of Hawai`i, and the SMG family.  A hui hou.