One of the Best Run Convention Centers

It is no surprise the Hawai`i Convention Center continues to earn awards in the business.  This is one of the best convention centers, one of the best run convention centers.  They will do anything you need to get the job done.

– Christine Phelps
Deputy Executive Director, American Academy of Neurology
2011 Annual Meeting
April 9-16, 2011
10,000 delegates

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There’s More Out Of The Box Thinking

I think the attendees think in different ways, I think they feel differently, so there’s a lot of out-of-the-box thinking, a lot of out-of-the-box creativity, just because of the atmosphere…

– Catherine Rydell
Executive Director/CEO, American Academy of Neurology
2011 Annual Meeting
April 9-16, 2011
10,000 delegates

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Superb Idea to Come to the Hawai`i Convention Center

The Hawai`i Convention Center has a variety of rooms ideally suited for our purposes; our thousands of posters were available in one site; the service and food & beverage is good; and the internet access was good.

– Prof. Howard Alper
Congress Chair, Pacifichem 2010
December 15-20, 2010
12,678 delegates

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Hawai`i Destination Grows Asia-Pacific Attendance

photo of Darren Mendola from the Alzheimer's AssociationWe were ready to tap into the Pacific, but we weren’t ready to go to Asia.  Hawai`i is an amazing place if you want to open up the Asian market.  In Hawai`i we had more people from the Pacific Rim than we’ve ever had before.

– Darren Mendola, CMP
Senior Director, Conference Services, Alzheimer’s Association
International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease (ICAD)
July 10-15, 2010
5,500 Delegates

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Best in Class Advance Planning and Support

lions club logoIn my 17 years of international convention planning, we have never experienced a destination who has provided so much advance planning and professional preparation as we experienced in Hawaii for our 22,000 attendee, 2000 Lions Clubs International Convention.

– Joseph L. Wroblewski, Past International President Chairman, International Convention Committee The International Association of Lions Clubs

Submissions were up over 50%

aacap-150x150-logoThe AACAP (American Academy of Child and Adult Psychiatry) had its Annual Meeting in Hawaii in October, 2001. While there had initially been considerable reluctance on the part of the AACAP administration and Board, we scheduled this meeting about 7-8 years ago. Due to the novelty of the location, the distance and the logistics of moving staff, exhibits, etc, we expected a modest meeting in Hawaii. To beef it up a bit, we developed a collaboration with the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Australia and New Zealand and planned a joint meeting with them along with extending special invitations to our colleagues in the Pacific Rim. While the numbers of folks expected to be involved seemed small, we felt that this would add to the ambience of the meeting.

In short, we expected a modest but successful meeting.

Much to our surprise, the number of submissions for our program deadline was up over the previous year by nearly 50% – this was on top of a record year for submissions in NY in 2000. Professionals from throughout the United States, Europe and Asia were submitting papers and symposia for presentation in record numbers.

The record number of paper submissions was followed by record meeting preregistration and hotel pick-up. Even more interesting was the amount of extra stays before and after the meeting, helping our hotel situation even more. We were on track for the largest AACAP meeting ever – and not only with the largest American registration but also the largest international registration ever.

Then, of course, came 9/11/01. However, in the final analysis, we meet our full block and exceeded our expectations. While the meeting was no longer the largest in our history, it was large by our standards and ranks in the top 4 in terms of attendance. Given that the meeting was 6 weeks after 9/11, this was remarkable.

Our exhibit hall was oversubscribed. We could have sold more booths if we had the space. In addition to exhibits, it was quite clear that the pharmaceutical companies had a much larger presence at the meeting than at any previous meeting.

Overall, we had wonderful sense of cooperation, great ideas and a pleasantness, warmth and kindness that is unparalled, in my experience. Add all this to the warm weather, beautiful beaches, and the generally excellent hospitality in Hawaii, as well as the opportunity for spectacular side trips, I think that this was one of our best meetings (if not the best meeting) ever. We would happily return and, indeed, are working on just that possibility, at the present time.

– Bennett L. Leventhal, M.D. Irving B. Harris Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Director
– Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School Vice Chairman, Department of Psychiatry The University of Chicago

American Academy of Child and Adult Psychiatry

The Perfect Venue to Reach Pacific Rim Markets

aha-150x150-logoThe American Heart Association has selected the Hawaii Convention Center for the Asia Pacific Scientific Forum and The 42nd Annual Conference on Cardiovascular Disease, Epidemiology and Prevention in April 2002.

The Hawaii Convention Center provides the perfect venue to expand the reach of cardiovascular science to the Pacific Rim markets.

– Judith Collier, American Heart Association