Huikala: To Be Unconditionally Tolerant and Forgiving of Others

Our HCC Hawaiian Value of the Month is Huikala.

To possess and practice the value of Huikala means we agree to be unconditionally tolerant and forgiving of others.  When this statement is broken apart, three words, unconditional, tolerant, and forgiving stand out.  According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, unconditional means “not subject to condition or limitation, not dependent on or subjected to conditioning or learning.”  The word tolerant means “to endure, to put up with, to bear, done without prohibition or hindrance,” and the word forgiving means “to give up resentment of or claim to, to grant relief.”  Put together, we are agreeing to put up with our fellow workers and associates in a way that is not tied to anything they must do and, should they falter, we will grant them relief.

In our daily lives we all have chances to be givers of Huikala and receivers of Huikala.  As a giver, we realize and accept the fact that people make mistakes.  When they do, by not being too hard on them, it fosters an environment of cooperation and enables us to correct situations and move on.  As a receiver of Huikala, by knowing that others aren’t going to be angry and upset with us for making mistakes, it makes it easier to accept responsibility, helps eliminate “finger pointing” and helps to more clearly define standards and procedures.

In my mind, the true responsibility of Huikala clearly lies with the receiver.  When things don’t go quite as well as planned, don’t be afraid to raise your hand and admit that you’ve done wrong.  You should be open and willing to do whatever you can to help correct the situation and above all, LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES.  If you fail to learn and progress, you fail other values like Kinaoleto strive for perfection and Kuleanato carry out your responsibility in order to achieve excellence for the organization.

See what the American College of Chest Physicians had to say about their experience with HCC’s food and beverage staff.  Paul Markowski, Executive Vice President and CEO:

Heather Nash, Director of Meetings:

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